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Casselberry Car Accident Lawyer



In 2017, Florida roads and highways experienced more than 250,000 car accidents. Thousands of those same crashes were fatal for some of them involved passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Many Casselberry families face this shocking statistic every year and must somehow pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. 


Accident victims who aren’t sure where to go for care or how to qualify for financial assistance may have a lot of questions hanging in the air about their future. They need a trustworthy source for answers, and some mistakenly turn to their car insurance adjuster. It’s vital to consult with a Casselberry car accident attorney for answers before ever speaking in detail with your insurance company.

Trust a Casselberry Accident Lawyer First 

accident sceneFlorida law requires that every driver carry personal injury protection (PIP).  As a no-fault state, one must usually cover 80 percent of medical costs and 60 percent of lost wages up to $10,000. PIP coverage doesn’t determine coverage based on fault. If a wreck involves an underinsured party or one without insurance, victims may need to recover damages from their own policies instead. 



In general, your car insurance company counts on you never needing to use your policy; and if you do, they make it a frustrating experience. They rely on an accident victim not having the ability or knowledge to wage a drawn-out negotiation process. You might have a pile of medical bills and lost work time that’s devastated your resources. When in this position, it’s not uncommon to accept a settlement that doesn’t cover the scope of your loss. If you’re in a vulnerable position after a serious collision, contact a car accident attorney to evaluate your case before speaking to any adjusters. 


Trust a Casselberry Accident Attorney


If you were involved in an auto crash in the Casselberry area, don’t suffer your accident injuries without legal representation. Try to retain or consult right away with a lawyer who has years of experience and successful litigation results.  Verify what practice background your counsel has and review some recent case results.


Some important areas of practice experience your lawyer should have include: 



Count on a seasoned Casselberry accident lawyer who will go to trial if needed to bring the best possible awards for your case. This person should always consider how your life plans are affected because of your injuries and damages; therefore, it’s critical that you hire the best possible representation for your case. Handling your claim on your own is risky and leaves you vulnerable to shady insurance tactics that could cost you dearly. Your insurance company has one goal, and that is to pay the least amount possible, if anything at all.  


Before accepting a proposed settlement offer, have an attorney check if it covers some of the following losses:


  • Medical treatment
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced ability to work
  • Pain and suffering


Hire Legal Representation in Casselberry


Minimizing your injuries and lengthy delays are just a few methods adjusters use to make you give up your case. Our Casselberry car accident attorneys have demonstrated experience in recovering monetary, physical, and mental damages.  The Umansky Law Firm has the answers you need to make smart decisions about your claim. With more than 100 years of combined practice experience, we are committed to helping those involved in vehicle collisions of all types and severity. Proudly recognized as Lawyers of Distinction in 2018, our ability, reputation, and dedication to bringing you the best results possible for your situation is undeniable.


As a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, attorney William Umansky has dedicated himself to helping those injured by the negligence of others. Start a free case evaluation today by contacting us online or by phone at (407)-634-6367. Together, we can review your case, identify any information that will help your claim, and help you to get a compensation offer to alleviate your loss.

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