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Florida Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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When you have been hurt in a bike accident, you normally have problems. Like a lawyer that frequently addresses serious damage claims, we all know the tension of fretting about medical expenses, time-off from work, long term problems, and discomfort and suffering could be frustrating. You’ll need answers from someone apart from an insurance adjuster whose work would be to pay you as little money as possible. You’ll need skilled representation from a Florida bike accident lawyer who’ll fight for your interests.

Bicycle Accidents In Florida Are More Common Than You Think

51,000 cyclists were wounded in traffic last year, including 630 deaths, based on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Brain injuries would be the primary cause but definitely not alone.


What causes these incidents could be something from driver inattention to product liability, including poor production or badly designed products. Furthermore, many drivers are sometimes unaware or they just don’t regard the truth that cyclists have the right to talk about the streets. Cyclists tend to be the victims of motorist’s insufficient regard or understanding, plus it may cause severe emotional and economic hardship.


Individuals can and may be held responsible for the injuries they cause. Your first stage ought to be to contact a skilled personal injury lawyer to completely understand your rights if you or perhaps a member of the family has been hurt in a bike accident. Perhaps you are eligible for payment for that accidents you suffered in the bike accident by declaring a state.

Filing a Claim for a Bicycle Accident

By speaking with a skilled bike accident lawyer can just you realize for certain. Throughout a free initial appointment, we may assist you to decide whether it’s inside your attention to record a legal claim and will evaluate your circumstances. We shall examine your incident to find out the reasons and feasible responsible parties involved if you choose to take appropriate action. We’ll lead you every action of the way through the legal process, and you will be confident that we of bike accident attorneys can struggle underneath the law for several treatments open to you. We’ve expertise and the data to represent all bicycle accident situations, also the most significant.

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