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Sanford Personal Injury Lawyers



We learn from a very young age that accidents happen. Personal injury accidents are a result of many things, but most often they are due to negligence on behalf of fellow drivers. Many times these avoidable accidents cause life-altering injuries or loss to the victims. Florida has laws which protect those who are hurt by the negligence of others and experienced personal injury attorneys who can help them maneuver the complexities of these types of cases.


At the Umansky Law Firm, our Sanford personal injury lawyers work closely with clients to attend to their case’s every need. We have recovered substantial compensation for victims of all types of personal injury accidents.

Care and Compensation for Personal Injuries in Sanford


INJURED IN SANFORD FLBecause insurance companies focus on paying as little compensation as possible, many injury claims receive low settlement offers or get denied. Another reason victims do not receive the compensation they deserve is that they don’t know how to file a claim or if it is necessary.


Some questions to ask yourself regarding your injuries and loss should include:


  • Has your hospitalization lasted longer than a month?
  • How have your injuries impacted your finances?
  • Do you know when or if you can return to work?


Answering ‘yes’ to any of these questions might mean you need to get an attorney to discuss your injury case.


Finding a Trustworthy Sanford Personal Injury Lawyer


Facing a personal injury claim on your own is a difficult task and so is deciding on the right attorney to handle your case. It’s important to not only choose an attorney with years of experience litigating these types of claims, but also an attorney who will have your best interests at heart.


Case experience you should expect your attorney to have might include:



Practice experience in these types of injury cases is crucial to your claim. Your lawyer’s skills and competency will vital to promoting your chance of a successful recovery. A competent lawyer may be able to help you recover financial compensation for:


  • Lost wages
  • Lost or reduced ability to work
  • All medical bills related to the accident
  • Pain and suffering


Start Your Claim Today


Find a Sanford personal injury attorney that will fight for your full and fair compensation. If you have been hurt in an accident through no fault of your own, The Umansky Law Firm will use their 100 years of combined personal injury experience to represent you. Our client-first approach means that we put our clients’ needs first. Lawyers with our firm are committed to:


  • Working hard for each client
  • Trying to obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries
  • Keeping in regular communication about your case
  • Treating your future and well-being as a top priority


The Umansky Law Firm provides aggressive representation for all of our clients no matter how severe their injuries are. Your case is our priority, and we can help you determine the next best steps. Contact us today at (407) 634-6367 or online, so we can begin your free consultation and help you be on your way to recovery.

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