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Winter Springs Personal Injury Lawyers



While many of us do our best to avoid accidents, life doesn’t always work out that way. The causes of personal injuries are numerous, but more often they directly result from the negligence of others around us. These preventable accidents may cause life-changing injuries and damages to victims. Fortunately, Florida laws do offer personal injury victims protections against losses, but the complex nature of pursuing compensation usually requires the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.  


The Winter Springs personal injury lawyers of the Umansky Law Firm, work closely with personal injury victims to get compensation and other legal relief of their damages and suffering. Our clients have suffered in all types of personal injury accidents, and our firm has recovered substantial compensation on their behalf. 

Winter Springs Personal Injury Compensation


SLIP AND FALL ACCIDENT REPORTUnderstanding that insurance companies are not as generous as they seem is vital when the injured file a claim for their damages. Insurance adjusters are in place to minimize and pay as little as possible to the multi-million dollar corporation you trust to compensate you. Many times, unrepresented car accident victims have claims outright denied for all kinds of reasons. This is not difficult to accomplish since many accident victims don’t know their rights, how to file a claim, or what compensation they deserve. 


Ask yourself these questions about your injuries and losses before speaking to an insurance adjuster after your accident :


  • Are your finances severely impacted because of your injuries? 
  • Did you spend time in the hospital for a month or more?
  • Can your doctor safely release you back to work?


You might need to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer in Winter Springs if you answered “yes” to any of these. 


Successful Winter Springs Personal Injury Cases


Choosing your injury lawyer may feel overwhelming at first because you don’t know what to ask or if they have enough experience handling your type of case. It is important to consider how long they have practiced law and if their experience includes a strong success rate. The counsel you choose should also have your best interests at the heart of every decision they make on your behalf. 


Case experience that your personal injury lawyer should have include:



It is vital to your claim’s success for the legal team you choose to have successfully resolved these types of injury cases. Their demonstrated history of competence and skill increases the likelihood of receiving compensation for your pain, damages, and medical costs. The lawyer you hire should have no issue recovering compensation for:


  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Lost or reduced ability to work
  • All medical bills related to the accident


Winter Springs Personal Injury Attorneys


Your Winter Springs personal injury attorney is someone you should rely upon to fight to the fullest extent of the law for the fair compensation you deserve. We put your needs first because we are committed to a client-first approach which looks out for your best interests in all of your claim decisions. 


Our lawyers dedicate themselves to:


  • Obtaining the maximum possible recovery for your loss
  • Communicate with you regularly about your case
  • Make your recovery and future a top priority in everything we do


Our firm provides aggressive representation to combat insurance industry pitfalls that may cost your injuries claim compensation. As recognized members of Florida Trend’s Legal Elite in 2018, The Umansky Law Firm’s passion for helping individuals recover after negligence related injury is clear no matter how big or small the case. Attorney William Umansky is on the Board of Directors for the Central Florida Trial Lawyers Association. With over 100 years of combined legal experience, we work tirelessly for the maximum compensation in every case. Contact us today at (407) 634-6367 so you can schedule a free consultation that starts you on the road to recovery. 

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